Despite European Commission lack of competency in certain areas related with the refugee crisis (which mainly fall on the Council and Member States), the EC is using the various tools and instruments available to finance projects and services that mitigate the crisis immigration.

NGO and organizations that deal with issues of immigration, human rights, health and border control, may find several options to finance their projects or provide specific services in this areas. Hereby we highlight some resources currently available to address the refugee crisis:

-. Emergency aid: the Commission announced in April an initial €83 million worth of humanitarian funding for emergency support projects to assist refugees in Greece. To be eligible for such funding, organizations first should apply to become a DG ECHO partner (open procedure until 2017) and then submit a project. Find out more on its website.

-. External Action: DG DEVCO allocates a significant amount of resources to implement development aid worldwide. Currently, it also finance migration management projects or services in countries like Turkey and Serbia. You can find current open calls and procurement notices on its browser.

-. Volunteering: Another way to provide funding to countries hosting refugees is through volunteering. Indeed, EC has recently launched EU Aid Volunteers, a new initiative to strengthen global humanitarian aid. The call to finance the deployment of volunteers outside the EU is open until 1st September.

-. Health: Health 2016 program finance proposals that improve access to health services for vulnerable migrants and refugees. The grant covers between 60-80% of the eligible project costs and can be requested until June 2, 2016.

-. Innovation and Research: even in the Horizon 2020 program can be found grants for research and innovation related to integration and migration. It is scheduled to open this October the following calls:

-. Borders: Frontex has recently issued several tenders to provide border control services as logistics, health, computer,training and communication, among others.

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Source: European Commission /DG ECHO